The industries in which we specialise have their own and differential characteristics in terms of transportation according to their needs, which is why we have advised different sectors that have special regulations on this matter, such as cannabis, hydrocarbons and energy, food, and customs matters.



The 4.0 industrial revolution drives a constant change in activities and processes, which has required extensive work from our firm in the execution of contracts for the development and execution of new business models in the field of fintech, startups, blockchain and crypto assets.



The energy sector is the main engine of the Colombian economy. For this reason, we became experts in this sector. We have broad experience in advising on projects as well as in the due diligence of businesses related to the activity.



We have experience advising companies in the sector. Our approach lies in our special knowledge of the production chain and the activities carried out by each agent in the market, their obligations, and rights, and even the end consumer.



The construction industry is expected to become one of the most important sectors in the country's GDP. In this sense, and due to its many regulations, experts are required to properly conduct your business. Those experts are us.